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Current Events :

The H'eye is on a high y'all!

I'm at a pace right now that has me creating at least 2 tracks a week, or at least a started concept. Ive FINALLY finished work on tracks for the 7Moonz Foundation, as well as a remix of the
OLD Scratch classic, "The Time Is Nigh".

The Renaissance EP as we know it dead in the water. The tracks that Ive been creating as of late are steering away from that concept, so Im not going to fight it. The tenative title for the project is now back to "Sound Qualitee". Tracks are being contributed by BDX of the Boondox Camp, as well as Distrakt from ProjectZero Records. All other tracks will be created by yours truly for Backyard Soul Music. Photography sessions will be shot by 124 affiliate Nicholle, and MALICE will reign as Executive Producer.

The concept for "Sound Qualitee" is this......jazz,soul,hip-hop, spoken word, and instrumentals. This EP is not intended for the average listener, so there will be no "club-joints" on this record, just clever lyrics, innovative music, and soul.
Here's the new track listing:

1) Freeflow (intro)
2) The Dominant Factor
3) Landscapes of Thought
4) Situations (things Im going through)
5) Sunday Show
6) Peace of Mind featuring Debra Aries
7) Goodbye to the City
8) JazzeSoul
9) Rush Limbaugh featuring Distrakt
10) The Dominant Remix
11) Onion / Chocolate Chip Cornbread
12) The Theme From M.A.L.I.C.E. (outro)

Executive Producer : MALICE

What is H'eye Pha'Delatie?

H'eye Pha'Delatie is a collection of producers, emcees, vocalists, and spoken word artists. The H'eye was created in order to attempt to return innovation and creativity back to music of all genres, not just hip-hop.

BackyardSoul in the production unit of H'eye Pha'Delatie, and has collaborated with artists from New Jersey to California. Through various affiliations, they have performed in cities located in Georgia, California, South Korea, and North Carolina. Click here for a discography of material that H'eye Pha'Delatie has collaborated on.